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A Little Bit About My Mom

My mom is great. Of the seven children she is the First child & first daughter (Malati) of Mr Jogendra Nath & Mrs Sarobala, brought up as a member of the agriculture family. She had to give up studies at an early age and took up the task of cooking and household chores to help the family members survive. She got married to Mr Kamini Kanta (my dad) and has two children – eldest Iswar Ch Barma (Uttam) my brother and me Kalidas Barman (My nick name is Gautam). My mom is a versatile genius. She is a great cook – anyone who has tasted food cooked by her still doesn’t find words fit enough for praising her cooking, she used to weave clothes in a loom and make clothes with the help of her sewing machine, made toys, practised embroidery, painted different picctures on clothes. She was born in 1969

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